Hi, I just purchased a new Samsung 4K 3D TV and have been using Mezzmo for years now. I have other Samsung TVs were the content (entire library) is fully displayed without an issue. I'm using two versions of Mezzmo on two different Windows 2008 R2 servers, v4.0.6.0 and v5.0.3.0.

The new UN65JS8500 is the only TVs were the content is not fully viewed on the TV. I have tried using the Samsung J-Profile in v5.x and I lose even more content, I use the Samsung BDP 3D and get better results than the Samsung J-Profile, but still not all the content.

Please help, I really want to purchase more Samsung 4K TVs but this issue will be a stop gap.

I have my reasons for continuing to use the version. I really don't like the interface beyond the this version. If I could change the settings to shrink the view then that would be great. I have tried by adjusting the Options | Browsing Files | Thumbnail Sizes and setting different Height and Width for Small/Med/Large but the settings are not sticking, I get an error to make sure that Small is less than Medium and Medium is less than Large.