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    I am testing Mezzmo on my PC, WinXP with 2 Gigs of Ram. I am wanting to use it for streaming audio to my Samsung LN55C650 TV which is connected to my home stereo. My collection is quite extensive, over 50,000 tunes. I am wondering if Mezzmo has any size limitations? I linked my library and the server has been running for 12 hours at 99 CPU usage.

    Can Mezzmo handle a library of that size?


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    The server is probably still processing album art/thumbnails (otherwise it should take up 99% of the CPU of course). If you run Mezzmo and check the Status Pane - are there any tasks there?

    We've tested Mezzmo with over 500,000 files (a mixed bunch of audio/video/photos) and it does work fine, so I would say that there's no actual limit to the number of files you can add to the Library.

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    Thanks for the response Dennis. Appreciated.

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