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    first at all i have to say i read some of same thread in this forum before i open a new one.

    In mezzmo features it writes; "If your device does not support subtitles, then Mezzmo can fix that. Mezzmo will automatically burn your preferred subtitles into the video and then stream this video to your device. You can set up exactly how
    you want your subtitles to look - e.g. color, font, size."

    I'm watching videos from Samsung Smart TV by reaching mezzmo server from my computer. there is no problem for that.
    But i cant change color of fonts.. could anyone help me? thnx!

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    You can set the color and font for the subtitle in the Subtitle Settings dialog. However, this applies only when Mezzmo server burns your subtitles into your transcoded video. So, if you are not seeing any subtitle font or color changes on your TV, then it may be that Mezzmo server is delivering the subtitle to your TV as an external subtitle or embedded subtitle - and your TV is rendering the subtitles. To check if this is the case, right-click on a video in Mezzmo (that has subtitles) and click 'Pre-transcode Files'. On the Pre-transcode Files dialog, select your device and click 'Choose Formats'. On the Transcoding Formats dialog, select the bolded format and then click the 'Force burning subtitles' checkbox. Click OK to save these settings and click OK to start transcoding. Wait until transcoding has completed and then try streaming the video now. If that works better, then we have confirmed that the previous streaming was external or embedded subtitles. So, to make Mezzmo server always burn your subtitles for your Samsung TV, go to the Media Devices dialog and edit your TV. On the Device Settings dialog, go to the Subtitles tab and turn off the 'Stream external subtitles' checkbox and the 'Stream embedded subtitles' checkbox. Turn on the 'Burn subtitles into video files' checkbox. Next, go to the Transcoding tab and delete all your transcoded files. Click OK to save you changes and try streaming now.

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