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Thread: Mezzmo and Sony Bravia KDL (KDL-40Z4500) no video

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    Default Mezzmo and Sony Bravia KDL (KDL-40Z4500) no video


    I'm new to Mezzmo and this forum, so please take it easy. I have searched the forums but can't find a thread that matches my problem.

    I have sucessfully set up Mezzmo and my Sony KDL-40Z4500 in terms of networking and sharing pictures and music. For example can view JPG pictures on the Mezzmo server from the Sony.

    When connected, Mezzmo adds a "Pictures" and a Music" link on my Home menu, but there was no "Video" link shown (should I expect one?).

    Both the "Pictures" and a Music" links show folders for "Music", "Pictures" and "Video".

    However when I select either of the "Video" folders I get a message along the lines of "no files present".

    The Mezzmo definely has video files, but they are in AVI and WMV format; so I'm guessing it is a format issue.

    What format of video should I use so that the Sony can recognise (and play) the contents of the Mezzmo "video" folder?

    Should there be a "Video" link to Mezzmo folders in my HOME menu?

    Any help most appreciated.



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    Hi Dave,

    Unfortunately I believe that your TV cannot stream video over DLNA at all. Certain Bravia models only support audio/image over DLNA (see this DLNA certificate for your TV: The video folders will still appear under all features, but if you don't have a "Video" link on the menu (cross media bar) on the TV, then it doesn't support video.

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