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Thread: Downloading photos from a flickr album

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    Default Downloading photos from a flickr album

    I want to download all the photos from some flickr sets of photos. Can I do this without having to open each photo?

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    Default Downloading from Flickr

    To Download a set of photos from Flickr.

    1. Get the url of the Flicker set of images, ie.
    2. Start a new job
    3. Set the Action of the job to Download Site files
    4. Set the link depth to 1
    5. Set the span across to Domain
    6. Click the advanced settings and change the following
    a. Set the File Filter Settings to only get files of type image
    b. Select it to ignore any files smaller than 40kb (This will stop you getting the small thumbnail images of the album)
    c. In the File Save Settings page of the settings, uncheck the option to keep the same folder structure as on the server. This will put all the files into one folder, which is probably what you want
    7. Start the job

    When the job is complete all the files for the Flickr photo album should have been downloaded.
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    Thanks for explaining that. The site feature in DownloadStudio is really useful. I just realized I can also use this feature to scrape a site of all its word documents in one go! That's a time saver.

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    Default I tried this, but here is what happened...

    I tried downloading a set of this guy's photos, at this link.

    I specified everything like you explained in your previous reply to kev.

    I specified the folder where the downloads should go.

    Here is what happened: I got just one tiny "Getty Images" logo, god knows from where! Not a single bus image, not even a tiny thumbnail. So what happened???

    I did specify the file size NOT to be less than 200kb, which is a bit less than the average original size image of the bus.

    Where did I go wrong?

    And oh, I am slightly stumped by the very basic thing. When you say "start a new job", how do you do that? Is there a button? I tried looking for this command on the "File" and "Edit" menus, but didn't find any command that said "start new job".

    So why didn't even a single bus download? What went wrong?

    I do want the original size (from where Flickr say All Sizes), which I found in the Site Explorer column wondow on the left, in a fold named "Items", the original size URL has an "o/" in the "sizes" sub-folder.

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    When downloading from the URL,, if you have the link depth set to 1 then you will only be able to download the files on the pages that are 1 link away from the current page. The large bus images are 2 links away from the initial page specified for the download, so they are never reached with the current settings. Change your link depth to 2 and you will download a wider range of files that will include the links for the larger images.

    To start a new job you need to click on the 'Add' button from the tool bar, or you can right click on the download jobs list and choose 'Add Job...' from the menu.

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