I have over 2,000 Movies, TV shows and Science videos I accumulated over the years. As I saved them, each movie title is in its own folder. The folder has the same name as the movie and a jpg image of the cover and a txt file with the description is also in this folder with the same name as the video.
Folder name = Back to the Future
Video name = Back to the Future.mkv
Cover name = Back to the Future.jpg
Descr. name = Back to the Future.txt

Only about half of the movies covers and descriptions Mezzmo gathered from the internet are correct. The other half basically took a clip from the video to create the library image and no description since it couldn't find any.

How can I tell Mezzmo to use the jpg for the image and the txt file for the description located in the same folder with the same name as the movie for these videos and movies?

I know I can do it one at a time, but it's impossible to go through 1,000 of these one at a time.