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Thread: streaming time limits

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    ok thanks ill wait intill it can be set to per user

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    We have added the basic functionality, no user interface yet but you can configure it via the MezzmoMediaServer.ini file. We will send you details about how to download the patch via private message, please check your forum messages for this message. After installing the patch you will need to edit the ini file and under the section starting with [DB] add the following:


    Here you have the starting time for the restricted time and the ending time in 24hour time. You can set the restricted time to the starting and end time, for example 0 to 6, which is 12am to 6am. The starting time has to be lower than the ending time for it to work, so 23 to 5 (11pm to 5am) will not work. We will think about this some more to try and implement it so that the starting time can be lower than the ending time as well.

    You will need to save the file and restart your Mezzmo media server for the changes to be applied. Find the MezzmoMediaServer.ini in your Mezzmo database folder (see Options for the location).
    Thanks Peter (and the rest of the staff)! That was a quick turn-around and very much appreciated!

    I'll start tinkering with it - it may not be able to limit by user just yet, but this is a great start and allows me to start blocking out times when the kids should all be asleep.


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    One other option is to look at the firewall options on your home router. Some allow you to implement time based access control lists that would block traffic between defined time periods (I.e., block access to Mezzmo from the client tv\laptop\iPad\whatever). If the kid's devices are using static IPs then this might be a possible solution? I know some routers can use the Device MAC as a key to block on, Vs. the IP address, so it may even be possible to implement if you have DHCP'd LAN addresses, or your kid's are savvy enough to re-assign their IP .

    Infact - you might even be able to implement such rules on the Mezzmo host itself (windows firewall, IP tables config etc), if your router doesn't support it.
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