I just happened to peek at our media server, running Mezzmo under Windows 7 Pro x64, by remote desktop while my housemate was watching a movie on her PS3. Iím puzzled by something. I was looking at Windows Resource Monitor. Nothing was running but Mezzmo, my remote desktop connection and default Windows processes, and the only connection to Mezzmo was the PS3. I have transcoding turned off, and the file is stored on a disk drive within the server.

The file she was watching has a total bitrate of just under 10Mbps. (FFprobe says ďbitrate: 9871 kb/s.Ē) The size of the file divided by its length is consistent with this. The disk activity shown by Resource Monitor was also consistent with that bitrate, ranging from 0-3 MB/sec and, by eye, averaging a little more than 1 MB/sec.

The Network Utilization, though, was showing 80-87 Mbps at all times, nearly all of it sending to the PS3 from MezzmoMediaServer.exe.

Does this make sense? Why is Mezzmoís outgoing bandwidth over 8 times the fileís bitrate?

Our home network can handle this (itís limited by our MoCA transceivers, which I think can handle around 200Mbps), and the PS3 doesnít seem to be choking (yet), so I have no immediate problem... but this seems like it could indicate something wrong.