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    I have turned off all retrieval of MP3 information from the internet as I have all of my ID3 tag embedded, including artwork. Mezzmo has retrieved the correct artist, album, and song information but has somehow grabbed the wrong album covers. Yes, I have confirmed the correct album cover is embedded using MediaMonkey. The best audio organizing software available. (Sorry, shameless plug). I don't think this matters but I am using a Samsung BD-C6300 Blu-Ray player and a Samsung LN55C650 TV.

    I am so close to purchasing Mezzma, I just need this figured out. Is there some way to refresh the database?

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    Do you have a graphic file in the folder with that file by any chance? Mezzmo checks if there's albumart present in the folder and may use that instead of the embedded one. If you move that file to a folder on its own, does it pick up the correct cover? If it still fails, can you please send one of those files to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and we'll investigate it here.

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    Good News,
    Maintain Library has updated all of the artwork for the songs. I've got that problem resolved, now to get the genre playlists figured out. Please see my post in that thread for more information.


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