Something is going wrong with maintenance of Active Playlists in Mezzmo Pro Notice what has happened in the Comedy and Drama folders in these two lists:

There are no non-folder items in Comedy or Drama or in their sub-folders.

After taking those two screenshots, I created a new Active Playlist, by genre 2, with properties identical to by genre:

and Mezzmo built it correctly. So it looks like whatever went wrong happened during maintenance when I added new movies.

I know that the by genre and least recently watched, by genre Active Playlists were created after my database was converted from version 4 to version 5. I know that the first version of Mezzmo 5 I installed was a new installation of; after that imported the data base exported from running on a different machine; I upgraded to the first and then repaired with the second I think I created those Active Playlists under, but I canít be certain that I didnít re-create them after upgrading to one of the I think they still appeared correctly after at least some additions of movies under, but I canít be certain of that, either.