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Thread: Importing m3u playlist files

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    Default Importing m3u playlist files

    Hi. New to Mezzmo. Have been using TVersity for a year or two now, but was finding a few issues creeping in that weren't being solved. Still testing the trial version, but I am impressed that I can get my video's to play on my Samsung TV as well as the ps3. Other that a few issues with artwork and ffmeg error's, so far so good.

    Only request that I wish is to be able to import my playlist files (file extension m3u). I've discovered how to create a playlist and use the linked option, but I have to go through each individual playlist file and create them manually. Many of my folders have a m3u playlist file within and that would take hours. Now unless I'm doing this incorrectly, it would be much easier that when you add a folder and Mezzmo adds all the audio files within that folder, it would also import the playlist file (in my case m3u extensions) and list them within a playlist folder much the same way that it does with artist etc.

    Also, any chance of adding url or radio stations in the future?

    Just a thought. It would certainly make this program a much more enjoyable one for my use.

    Thank You


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    Thank you for the suggestion regarding the m3u playlists - I'll add that to the developer's list of things to implement.

    We have been discussing URL streaming for a while now, but at the moment there's no ETA on this, although this doesn't mean that it will never be implemented

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