I've been trialling Mezzmo for a month or so now and things have been working really well. Then, starting yesterday, I have had some very strange behaviour -

1) My TV can see the Mezzmo server and can browse the files (although this is slower than it used to be). Generally the files can be played OK, although there have been a couple of times when they wont, or stop not long after after starting.
2) When this started I went to my PC that runs Mezzmo and noticed that it was really bogged down (most likely 100% CPU utilisation) and there were multiple Mezzmo notifications repeatedly popping up on the right hand side of my screen. This kept happening until finally it crashed with a runtime error.
3) When it restarted I checked the Media Devices dialogue. Mezzmo can no longer see any of my devices on the network. Going to my TV though, it can still see Mezzmo, but when I start to play anything I get the same problems as above.

I have restarted Mezzmo, my PC, and the attached devices. I have re-installed Mezzmo, but the problem keeps happening.

I have attached some photos (literally had to use my phone as the PC wont let me do anything when the problem occurs). It shows the notifications on the right side of my screen and the Media Devices dialogue with no devices detected showing. All this is happening while my TV is playing music from Mezzmo.

Any ideas?