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Thread: Music stream cutting out

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    Default Music stream cutting out

    Hi Paul, over the last couple of days the music stream to my media player is cutting out every so often. You can see the buffer % falling on the player. I have tried to isolate the problem i.e the PC, the hard drive, the network to no avail. I have created a log file which I stopped as soon as the fault occurred. I was wondering if you could take a look at it and see if that points to my problem. Thanks


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    Thanks for the logs. There is a lot of UPnP messages being broadcast on your home network by your modem/router ( All DLNA/UPnP devices on your home network receive these messages and process them. This constant processing of incoming UPnP messages can cause playback issues with some devices' firmware, and may explain why your media player is struggling to play your music from Mezzmo server. I suggest you go into your modem/router's settings and turn off any UPnP / DLNA settings. Save your changes and then reboot your modem/router. Hopefully that fixes the problem .

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