When I download videos from YouTube, I use FlashGot in a Firefox fork to add the job to DownloadStudio. I've found DownloadStudio's default name for such vidoes is normally totally useless. It's just the name of the page the video is on. Is there a way to have FlashGot provide the name? I know it has a suggested name placeholder. I'm guessing that'd be the video title. The string FlashGot is set up to use is below. This is the same as what's suggested by the DownloadStudio help file, but I deleted the parameter that tells DownloadStudio where to save the file. That didn't make sense.

<downloadstudio><originator>firefox</originator><script><add_jobs display_dialog=yes><joblist><job> [<url>URL</url>] [<url_list_file>UFILE</url_list_file>] [<referer>REFERER</referer>] [<post_data>POST</post_data>] [<cookie>COOKIE</cookie>] </job></joblist></add_jobs></script></downloadstudio>