There isn't a way for Mezzmo to "see inside" a DVD ISO from a set of DVDs containing multiple episodes of a TV series, and that's a shame. There's LOTS of TV series on DVD, typically two to five episodes per DVD disc. Is there at least some way to retrieve episode metadata using a filename as a starting point - Such as "Outer Limits Original Series Season 1 Disc 2" - ??? Surely there's data out there somewhere which lists the episodes on each disc in a multi-disc TV series set....

For now, I am using VLC to play the TV series ISO's, it plays them like a DVD, you get the menu and the episodes.... VLC is also a better way to play DVDs with a lot of "extras" which are hard to find using Mezzmo.

Maybe Mezzmo ought to have an option to mount DVD ISO's and play them with the menu and so on, like VLC.

It's soooo much easier storing a 1,000 disc DVD library using a Sony media changer to read the discs 200 at a time to ISO images using ImgBurn's Media Changer feature, rather than ripping them and storing their constituent file structures. I believe there's less data loss - better picture quality- using an ISO rather than decompressing / recompressing to save the files, then transcoding again for playback. With the ISO you've got the full data set, and it only has to be transcoded once for playback.