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    Does Mezzmo allow you to cycle through or even randomize the backdrop pictures for a movie?

    Right now, I'm having problems even displaying backdrops. My folder structure for movies is as follows...

    \movies\1980-1989\A-M\Goonies, The (1985)\
    In this folder I have the movie, a trailer, folder.jpg, another jpg (same as folder.jpg) but named the same as the movie, and backdrop1, 2, 3 etc...

    Mezzmo is either viewing my folder.jpg or the jpg with the same name as the movie and using that as a background. I see you can go in and change these but if dealing with a large amount of files, I'm looking for something easier. I believe there was a checkbox somewhere that had use backdrops, and that was checked.

    Also, the picture that is displayed is about 2 times too large and only shows a part of it. Should I be resizing this in Mezzmo or on the actual picture itself. Sorry - new at this. Love the program though..

    Thanks for your help

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    Mezzmo tries to get the artwork for the video using your external image files and gives priority to the folder.jpg and the {moviename}.jpg files and once this is found then the artwork does not change unless you change the images on disk and then maintain the files in Mezzmo to update the images. See[]=folder&s[]=jpg for more information about supported external files.

    It is not currently possible to use multiple images for a single movie, so it is not possible to randomize them but this is a good idea so we may add this in a future update.

    For backdrop images Mezzmo will fill the screen with them but maintain the aspect ratio so this can cause the image to only show part of the image, you will need to resize the original picture if you want to change the way it is displayed in Mezzmo.

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