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Thread: Hypothetical bandwith/maintenance solution.

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    Default Hypothetical bandwith/maintenance solution.

    Hi All,

    We live on a farm and have a limited bandwidth both in speed and capacity via Hughes Net satellite. Sometimes it's a slow as a 56K modem. No I'm not kidding! So I came up with this brainstorm to perhaps make maintenance a more tolerable ordeal.

    Here are the parameters
    - all media exists on a standalone hard drive system.
    - 8Bay JBOD
    - eSATA or USB
    - WD RED 6TB drives
    - labelled N and M
    - free gigabit network use at work

    If I have a running version Mezzmo on my home and work machines, and it only looks for content on the N and M drives and folders, can I assume that I can move the drive pack from home to work and back without upsetting the structure of my library.

    - all media is added before the maintenance task
    - no changes to the media from work to home
    - when the maintenance is done the database files from the system drive are copied to the identical location on the home machine. (What files are needed?)

    if this works, as I believe it can, my library can be maintained in only a few minutes, especially with new image downloads, versus hours. And of course the spare change in data use might actually allow us to watch another SD Netflix!

    Please - no lectures about using work assets for personal use. It's acceptable practice here within guidelines.

    Thank you all,

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    Hi Dave,
    as long as the path to the files does not change this should work. The paths in the Mezzmo database will also have to remain the same, you should use the database backup functions from Options in Mezzmo to make a copy of your Mezzmo database then you can take this to work and restore it in Mezzmo there via Options and then repeat this when you bring the database back home. The important files in the database folder are the Mezzmo.db file and the Artwork folder as these contain all the metadata, posters and backdrops so if you don't want to use the backup functions you can just copy these to and from work when performing the Maintenance.

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