Dear Conceiva,

first of all, thank you for such great software.

In my opinion, it would be a good idea to add an option "Don't create transcoded file" in the "Transcoding settings", if Intel Quick Sync is detected.

I understand that for slow systems, where transcoding speed is much less than movie framerate (5-10 fps), saving transcoded or rather pre-transcoded video is a must - that's obvious.

But for PCs with hardware transcoding capabilities, where fps is between 70-140 fps, saving transcoded file could be optional for user.
User could decide if transcoded files should be saved or not by default.

Mezzmo would only read the video file, transcode it "on-the-fly" and not save any transcoding output to HDD.


  • less HDD IO operations / less HDD load
  • longer HDD lifespan
  • less CPU load
  • more responsive PC
  • more free space on HDD