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    Default Issues with Roku App


    I am having issue with the Roku app playback. Installed Mezzmo server on computer in network and it appeared completed with all downloading of meta data and files. I loaded the app onto my Roku. All the movies appear in the movies folder. The first movie that I tried (Movie A), I clicked on play and it showed the loading bar with the green bar progressing a little bit two times. It then kicked me back to the movie title page. I tried another movie (Movie B) and it did the same thing. I then waited and went back to the first movie (Movie A) and it worked without issue. I went back to the 2nd movie and the issue continues. Just for giggles I went back to Movie A and now the movie will not play any longer. Anyone else having this problem or any ideas on what the issue might be and how to resolve?



    [UPDATE] - I have two Roku devices. My hardwire one (XS) has no issues playing the file through the Mezzmo app. The issue is the one that is wireless Roku 1 (which is much closer to the router). I have checked the speed of the wireless network and that does not appear to be an issue.
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