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    Hello all!

    I am currently setting a profile for a new DLNA device I got few month ago (Sagem's Orange LiveBox TV 4). Thanks to this forum and its FAQs I have succeed in setting well the device to identify containers, audio and video codecs it has to transcode or not. It works also perfectly with movies having many soundtracks in different languages. The last thing I try to fix is the management of the subtitles:
    I have identified that matroska-embedded subtittles in SRT and ASS are working well except for one bug. So I have two questions:

    _the bug I found is that, when an ASS subtitle line is too long to fit the screen, instead of setting it on two lines, my device discard the line
    => is there any settings which I could use to split(manually or automatically) all lines in as many as requested to fit the screen? (splitting also their display duration)

    _as some formats are not read (example: DVD_SUBTITLES), is there any way to do a kind of "on the fly" subtitles conversion when playing (as it already exists for video/audio and containers being not compatible) or an automatic one when using the library maintenance function of Mezzmo?

    Thank You for your help
    as soon as it will be fully and well tuned, I will share my device profile hoping seeing it added in Mezzmo releases for other users

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    There is currently no setting in Mezzmo to split lines of text in a subtitle to fit the screen other than burning the subtitle when transcoding. When burning subtitles Mezzmo will make sure the text fits by splitting the text onto multiple lines.

    Please try using the following subtitles section in your profile:

    <encodings bom="no">65001</encodings>
    <allowexternal formats="srt">yes</allowexternal>

    This will cause ass subtitles and picture based subtitles to be burned.

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