Platform: Windows 10
Device: LG Blu-ray
Profile: LG Blu-ray

Everytime that I stream a movie that has either external or embedded (enabled) subtitles, the playback stops every few minutes. I can resume where it left off but it stops every 2-5 min or so. It's very annoying and didn't used to happen with earlier versions (cannot specify which versions as I'm unsure which version I was previously using). If subtitles are unused (even if embedded) playback is unaffected.

I've read threads that say that I need to pre-transcode the files before playback to avoid this issue but that seems more like a workaround than a standard method of procedure.

Subtitles used to work without stopping playback. What changed, and what do I have to do to remedy this issue?

Many thanks. Happy to provide additional information.