I recently purchased a vizio smart tv. mostly due to large screen for the price. unfortunately the issue im running into is that the media player within this particular tv does not go past one level within a directory structure, and or does not handle multiple directories well. I can get it to enter one level of a directory but that is it. The TV i am using is a Vizio D55-D2 smart tv model. The media player picks up the server however mezzmo does not pick it up on the play to option. The tablet software also does not pick it up. Is there a way for the android tablet app, to force pick up the TV to stream? The profile im currently using the Vizio smart TV (2015 models).

What i was attempting to do as an alternate to trying to pull up directories that do not want to come up within the tv system. I was attempting to use the mezzmo android app to pick up the tv and choose from the tablet to play the item. I can do this with other devices that are connected to my network but not this specific tv and i cannot figure out why. any help is appreciated.

thank you