After many hours of trial and error (due to me being a non-techie newbie), I finally got my Asus Transformer TF101 tablet to work with Mezzmo and my Sharp 80" LCD and Panasonic DMP-BDT330 Bluray player used as a media renderer.

Background: my home DLNA works fine for the last three years, but the issue is I have over 1,000 movies on my computer (I have eight 8TB Seagate drives, 64TB total), it's hard to remember what the movies are about without looking at the image & synopsis. Unfortunately none of the built in DLNA menues show graphics, just the title as one line of text in alphabetic order. So to find any movie, I may have to scroll through hundreds of titles within a genre to find one to play. Enter Mezzmo, which now is working on my Asus TF101 tablet. Thinking I solved the problem, the first movie I played was interrupted by a phone call. No problem, just press PAUSE on the remote for the Panasonic. Nothing happened. Then pressed STOP and nothing happened.

So obviously there's no way to control the movie after it starts. The DLNA playing of a movie on the Sharp TV's remote works to pause, stop, etc.

How can I control the movie with Mezzmo?