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Thread: Automatic metadata retrive rules

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    Default Automatic metadata retrive rules

    Hello there,
    one question: which are the rules used to retrive the title shown in the metadata form? 2016-10-15 11_23_48-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml - Muletto LOCALE.png
    I would like to rename the file correctly to allow Meezmo to automatically download metadata during scheduled library mantain.
    Another question: how Meezmo understand that a video file is a movie or a TV Show / series?

    Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work!

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    I discovered my self, so I share with other users.

    Mezzmo do fetches using the file name and search for particulars patterns, if it find something like Serie Name 1x04 Some title.mkv it deduce that the file is
    • "Serie Name" the series (ex. Game of Thrones)
    • "1" the season, first in this case
    • "04" the episode
    • "Some title" will be ignored

    So just rename the files in a format that Mezzmo can understand and it will make the work for you (you can use software to batch-rename files, like Renamer).
    Hoping this can be useful for someone!

    I love this piece of software

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