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    Default rename folder - metadata kept


    I'm using Mezzmo 5.0.5 and am quite happy with it. But there's a small thing that I'm missing.
    Sometimes I'm renaming / moving folders that are part of my library on OS level. Mezzmo is seeing this change and is deleting the not existing folder from the library and adding the new one to the library. But in this course it is also deleting the metadata of the files in the old folder and creating new metadata for the files in the new folder - and if not named properly the metadata retrieval is not even working properly.
    I know that there is the possibility to use the Tool tab of the "Maintain Mezzmo Library" option to update the path in the Library or do it directly via SQL statement but this is quite tiresome if you are renaming quite some folders just to have a better readability (e.g. rename "The.Sting.1973" to "The Sting").
    Would it be possible to add in a future version that Mezzmo is let's say creating a file with the Metadata (either XML or binary memory dump) or the Unique Identifier in the folder so that it recognizes the new folder again when being scanned and uses / updates the path of the already existing metadata automatically?


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    Hi Josef,
    we have had a couple of requests for a feature like this which is able to recognize a file using a signature or hash so that if the file path changes the metadata can still be correctly shown. We will try to include this in a future update of Mezzmo.

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    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the feedback. Looking forward to it


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