I'm shopping for a new Blu-ray player, and would like to get 4K.

Contenders at this point are the Samsung UBD-K8500 and the Philips BDP7501. Price is roughly the same, and I like the form factor (small) of the Philips, but it does *not* support .mkv playback. (The Samsung does.) A lot of the movies on my PC are .mkv.

So, dumb question: Does this matter? I.e., if the .mkv files are being streamed by Mezzmo, will they play on the Philips, or not?

(At this point, I have to stream Mezzmo through my DVD player, because it has an ethernet connection and my TV does not. Maybe I should buy a 4K TV with an ethernet connection to get the DVD player out of the equation, I don't know...)