For Mezzmo

filesystem structure:

      |-folder.jpg  (artist/band art)
           |-folder.jpg (album art)
I'm trying to understand where mezzmo will get the art for the following:

a)Backdrops (Album artist and Album). (I know of the 'get backdrop' check box but I'm not sure which particular file(s) it can use (and the order)
b)Album artist art work. It appears it's just using the first album's folder art and not using the folder.jpg I have placed in the root of the artist's folder

I'm familiar with the metadata retrieval screen and where Mezzmo will look to get art for Music and Folders/Playlists but I can't seem to get the intended result. I have turned off the internet based metatdata sources for Music and Folders.

As a bonus question - is there a way to have mezzmo not use the album coverart for each track in the album and instead use a generic place holder?