Movies I have that are part of a collection (The Dark Knight Collection, The Bourne Collection, etc.) have an entry for "Movie Collection" in their .nfo files. Would it be possible to add that to the Mezzmo Database when it scrapes the files and possibly as an option to the Active Playlists? I was thinking that since there is already a heading for "Series" that seems to stay unpopulated for movies it would fit nicely there when the Category is "movie". Then Series could be used in the Active Playlist with a Smart Filter for the category to group movies by their collection(s).

Also, my .nfo files have the individual Catalog numbers from but they are not showing up in the properties tag like IMDB Catalog numbers. I am wondering if it is because my .nfo file entries are coded "tmdb" instead of "". Anyway, this is way, way down the list and I don't use it for anything at the moment. Just thought I would ask since I was already posting.