Im looking to replace my aging WD TV player (which has now taken to freezing and resetting itself daily wether it needs to or not).

The content in my library varies quite a bit both in terms of video and audio. So 576, 720, 1080 etc for the video - most of it MKV but not all. Audio wise theres stereo, Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD, DTS, DTS-HD etc.

My amp amp supports most of these and they all seem find when the WD box plays thru the amp. (The amp indicates the type too which is good).

Oh and im connecting using HDMI.

I just tried an Amazon Fire TV and whilst it plays the files (with the mezzmo app) it doesnt seem to play them in DD, DTS etc - I just get stereo from it. I tried the various settings in the fire settings menu but I suspect the device doesnt really support DTS (and possibly others).

An android box would possibly most seem to run KODI and last time I tried using KODI likes to cache playlists - and so smart playlists dont really work so well on there. (Maybe this has changed).

Also theres a ton of Android boxes on there - I tried a few a year or so ago and some didnt cope with streaming 1080 so seems like its a bit pot luck.

Anyone suggest something that would tick all of these boxes ?

Thanks in advance !!