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    Default additional processing for subtitles

    Hello all,

    I know that the ultimate-always-working solution for subtitle is to burn them when reencoding the movie but this makes two issues:
    _first some video which are playing well with subtitles are to be reencode for qiote nothing
    _using this method, you cannot change dynamically the subtiltes set you want on a multi-subtitles file (as you do with a DVD for example)

    So, with my two DLNA players (one being a Toshiba screen, the other a livebox Sagem), I have tried to find the perfect tunning to manage subtitles without burning them and in both cases I successed except on one point which is the same for both players: when the subtitle line is longer thant what the player can manage, the line is hidden. Both players are weel managing subtitles with multilines but are not clever enough to split a single line too big for them.
    The I have one request : would it be possible to add a feature making on-the-fly refitting/conversion of the subtitles tracks? Mezzmo is including a feature to process subtitles but it request to make it as poreprocessing, having something automatic (as the video/audio transcodings) would be great

    Thank you for your attention

    Edit: I realise that I post it as DownloadStudio Wish List instead of Mezzmo's
    My apologies for this: Could a kind admin fix my mistake? thank you
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