Enjoying Mezzmo, I have some Qs:

Some background:
Running latest Mezzmo, on Windows 10

I only use Mezzmo for videos

Using a Sony USA Blu-ray Disc™ / DVD Player BDP-S370/BX37 as DNLA player

The Sony is hard wired to the router

My video files are on a WD MyCloud NAS which is hard wired to the router

The Ethernet is 1 G

The laptop is on a 802.ac wifi .......excellent connectivity.

I have played with DNLA servers, Serviio (has issues connecting to my NAS), Townky (on the NAS and standalone .....some files "stutter" ) PlayOn (issues with aspect ratio).

On to Mezzmo...... I like the interface ........it connects to my NAS fine.

Q: When I browse via the Sony, is there a view / navigation that is by "folders"? I don't see one.....and for some reason, not all files show up under the alphabetical listing, unless I choose "all videos".......I have each movie in a folder of its own, and would prefer to browse by folder.

Q: Pre-transcoding (hope I don't need it...so far, no stuttering)....I would save the files on my NAS. When I go to stream.....do I choose the transcoded file, or the original ?

Q: If I add a video file / folder to the shared folder on the NAS, is it automatically scanned / found by the server, if not, what are the steps to re-scan to find.

Q: If I move a file around on the shared NAS folder, is it automatically re-scanned by the server.

Thanks and Happy New Year.............