I just downloaded and installed the Mezzmo app for my new Roku Premiere+. Unfortunately, the Roku app isn't finding my Mezzmo Server (version 5.1) once I start the app. My Blu-ray player streams from the server just fine but the Mezzmo app (the Roku and Sony Blu-ray player are connected to the same switch on my network) is stuck at the "Loading" screen. The Roku is able to browse my network to the Mezzmo Sever with its DNLA media player. From the Mezzmo Server side, Windows Firewall isn't announcing a Mezzmo app's request to connect to it. The app also doesn't find the server with the LAN firewall turned off.

There appears to be nothing to configure on the Roku app side. It should snoop the network and connect to the server - at least that was my impression reading the Wiki. Looking on my server, the media devices list included the IP address associated with the Roku, but recognized it only as a generic media device. It is set to allow connections. I updated the profile to a Roku Streaming Player. It made no difference.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!