There is a bit of a bug in the alphabetical ordering of movie titles. My "A" and "T" lists are cluttered with movies that don't belong there -- and, of course, those movies cannot be found where they belong.

When ordering titles alphabetically, leading articles (beginning words "A," "An," and "The") should be ignored. So, for example, "A Walk to Remember" should not fall under the "A" group, but under the "W" group, instead. (The title can be displayed with the leading article in place, or it can be moved to the end, after a comma and space ("Walk to Remember, A" in the previous example). I only mention moving the article to the end in case it would simplify further processing. In a brick-and-mortar library with a card catalog, the book will be found on the shelf with the unchanged title, yet ordered without regard for the article; the card catalog will likely have the article moved to the end.)

A simple parsing algorithm can be implemented to screen these out during alphabetizing (and move them to the end, if desired).