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Thread: DLNA/UPnp search capabilities

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    Question DLNA/UPnp search capabilities


    could you please inform on what exactly is Mezzmo capable of returning to a DLNA client search?

    Specifically I am using BubbleUPnP on android devices as control points and renderers, and when searching from them, Mezzmo returns matches for Artist and Title (in case of music), and just Title (in case of video).
    Admittedly this is much better than other very well known DLNA servers and media centers out there.

    I just wanted to ask, is that all it can return (through DLNA searches)?

    If yes, then I will post to the feature request thread to ask for extending the system (e.g. return results for genre/mood - oops I just realized, no mood tag supported in Mezzmo? - in case of music, director/actors in case of movies, etc.)

    PS: on the BubbleUPnP client, I have to enable a so called "Force server-side search" setting to get search results from Mezzmo. Without enabling this option, I get the message that the server did not return any results. Any idea why that would be? (it's as if Mezzmo does not correctly advertise its DLNA search capability?)

    Thank you
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