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Thread: Unnecessary Background Work

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    Default Unnecessary Background Work

    One of Mezzmo's annoyances is that it's always doing something, and a lot of the time it's unnecesary.

    1. Maintain Library always wants to import artwork, even if I don't want it.

    2. I click Maintain Playlist on a playlist that I particularly want updating, and quick. It decides that it will update another 30 as well - so I have to wait.

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    1 - There are options to disable artwork. You can uncheck Update artwork on the Maintain dialogue. You can also go into the Metadata Retrieval setting button and disable pulling artwork from the internet (which seems to me to take the most time) or any other source. There is also a setting on the main dialogue to update all fields or only update new items or empty fields.

    2 - If you want to update a specific playlist only,right click on it and then select Maintain Playlist from the menu. The first checkbox under the playlist name is Include sub-playlists. Uncheck it and only the selected playlist.

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    Thank you hartlenb, Your post has enabled me to make progress of sorts.

    It appears that turning off the Include sub-playlists flag removes the activity relating to artwork.

    I don't understand why this should be the case, since I have no other flag which should persuade Mezzmo to go anywhere near Artwork.

    I just assume that it's a bug.

    By searching this forum, and Googling, I can't find any explanation of the purpose of the flag which I understand.

    I'll continue investigating.
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