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Thread: Streaming and Sony Bravia BD-570

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    Default Streaming and Sony Bravia BD-570

    Over the years, I have created using different software, video files in WMV format. Mostly I created these with the primary intent to create a DVD and/or view directly on my PC. Never even thought about streaming until recently.

    PC with Mezzmo: HP Pavillion - Quad Core - Windows 7.
    Dlink 655 router - (802.11n) - GigE connection from PC to Router
    Wireless N connection from Bravia to Router - 1 wood floor and about 10 feet separate the two. My Wireless N laptop shows "Excellent" connection in same area.

    Recently downloaded Mezzmo - v2.1.11, and after I got an updated .prf file, it has worked reasonably well. However depending on the .wmv file I would play, some would play very smoothly, and some would stutter. So, do observe that those .wmv files with bitrates above about 8 mbs are the ones that stutter most. Those from about 5mbs don't at all and moderate stuttering fro those in in the 6 - 7 mbs range.

    Q1: In the device info for the Bravia, I chose Wireless N 600 mbs (no other Wireless N choice). I seriously doubt that many home networking setups would have Wireless N at that performance level. My laptop typically show about 120 mbs rating. Would I be better off either choosing Wireless G or or some other device that is in the 100 mbs/range.

    Q2: While it's obvious that going forward I encode the .wmv files in the 5 mbs range, since Mezzmo is transcoding these files, can't it transcode to a lower bit rate? I did change the max resolution setting to 1280 x 720 and moved the quality slide a notch to the left, but that seemed to have no impact.

    Q3: Is there anything else I should be doing? Generally speaking, when I use the Bravia to stream from Netflix or Amazon, I don't have this problem.

    Thanks for any assistance

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    How do you establish the bit rates for the video file?

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    Right clicked on file from Windows Explorer, did a Properties, and went to details.


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    I would recommend not changing the network type and leaving the display size at default as well. I've got a Wireless N 300 at home myself and I can stream standard-def movies over it just fine (using the default 1 Gb network type setting). After that please send a message to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and we'll send you an updated device profile to try. Can you please confirm whether you have a Bravia TV or a Sony BDP or both?

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