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Thread: Transcoding's Impact on PC Resources?

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    Default Transcoding's Impact on PC Resources?

    I have had a lot of problems getting one particular movie to play properly.

    I made various attempts at repairing it and converting it to different formats, and I finished up with 9 copies of it.

    Eventually I tried transcoding, and found that it made every copy playable! So I'm considering transcoding every movie to give confidence that, in the future, every movie will play smoothly first time.

    So I'd like to know more about the impact on my PC resources of doing this.

    I've looked at C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\Conceiva\Logs\Mezzmo \Transcoding Files where there appears to be a file corresponding to each transcoded movie.

    File sizes vary from 400MB to 8.5GB - averaging about 2GB per movie.

    So I anticipate that, if I trancode everything, I can expect an impact of about 2GB per movie for my whole collection.

    1. Does this sound right, and are there any other significant impacts?
    2. The folder is referred to as "Transcoded files temporary folder". I don't get why it is referred to as 'temporary'. Wouldn't they be permanent in my scenario?
    3. I try to minimise the amount of data on my c:\ drive. Can I simply change the location of the 'Transcoded files temporary folder', transcode everything, and then remove the folder from the c:\ drive?
    4. I don't suppose there's an easy way of identifying high-resource-using movies? As a standard procedure I convert every movie to a format which complies with the spec (format, codecs, bitrate, frame size, fps etc) of my TV (Sony Bravia) but some still struggle to run. I can't identify a common factor between the culprits.
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