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Thread: Stream WAV To Onkyo Receiver

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    I have all of my music ripped to my hard drive in both lossless WAV and high-bitrate mp3 (256kbps). I can use Mezzmo to stream the mp3 files to my Onkyo TX-NR717 network DLNA-capable receiver with no problem, and with all info - album covers, track titles, artist, timings - intact and displayed on both the front of the receiver and the TV screen. But when I try to play WAV files, the receiver posts a warning - "CANNOT PLAY!" and moves to the next WAV track and does the same thing. I never had problems streaming WAV to the Onkyo with WMP 12, which also showed all album pics and info, but now WMP 12, which I used to love because it streamed all of my music exactly as it is organized on my HDD (which Mezzmo also does), is FUBAR since the Windows 10 upgrade, because now it streams all album tracks in alphabetical order instead of track order (for example, the first track streamed from "Dark Side of the Moon" is "Any Color You Like", not the actual first track on the CD, which is "Speak To Me"), which is ridiculous beyond words. I can also stream WAV files with Foobar2000, but it does not display album art for WAV files like WMP did, and remote control functions are severely limited.
    I am using the Onkyo device profile, and the general profile for NTSC devices does not work at all. Funny thing is, when I stream WAV files using Mezzmo to my Sony BDP-S590 Blu-ray player, it plays them perfectly, although Sony only shows the track title and timings no matter what the audio format - no album art or artist info. I just can't figure out what's wrong, because I really like Mezzmo, but I can't buy the Pro version if it won't stream WAV files.
    Does anyone else have the same problem and possibly a solution. I don't even care about streaming video; music is all I am concerned with.

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    I suspect the issue will be due to the mimetype for wav files in the device profile, we can send you an updated device profile if you send an email to support [at] conceiva [dot] com.

    The mimetype for wav in the profile is currently audio/wave but Windows Media Player sends audio/wav.

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    That seemed to do it! I made a backup copy of the OnkyoTX.prf file, then I opened the original in the device profiles and edited it in Notepad by changing the mimetype from "audio/wave" to "audio/wav", and now it seems to be streaming WAV files perfectly, with album covers, track titles, artist name, everything. I'll test it much more later on, and will buy the full version at the start of May. Money is so tight right now I can't even afford to spend the $30+, but I can next month.
    I am so glad I have finally found a good program that streams music exactly as I have it on my HDD. I HATE those music streaming programs that try to organize everything according to what they think, since many people are too damned lazy to organize their music collections themselves. I also cannot understand how some of these programs like Kodi and Plex are considered "great" when they won't even stream a WAV file. They always give that lame-ass excuse that "WAV files don't have metadata!!!". Well, when I ripped all of my CDs to my HDD in both WAV and mp3 by using the wonderful dbpoweramp software, all of my files of any audio format have all of the metadata, so that excuse is worthless. I also have KooRaRoo that I purchased about a year and a half ago, which is a great program, but KooRaRoo got sold to some conglomerate that is trying to destroy the software, so there are no updates and no support and it's getting really buggy. And WMP 12, as I stated, lamely streams all files in alphabetical order, and don't even THINK about getting an answer about that from Microsoft. LOL!
    Anyway, as soon as I get the cash next month, I'll be purchasing the Pro version. Thank you, from an organized, streaming, lossless music lover.

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