I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, and I have a number of NAS drives, both USB 2 and USB 3, on this system, and have recently experienced a system crash. I've written to you before about this, but I seem to be unable to add some of the NAS drives back to the library because of the ludicrous security issues connected to Windows 7. This may be a Microsoft question, but I am not completely certain if this is the server being stopped by the Windows system or what.

Previous to the system crash, I appeared to be able to add NAS sources without and issue, but with the set-up I have now, even going through the permission/security crap that is suggested by Microsoft, the library doesn't seem to go through the entire directory and sub-directory layout I had in the old Windows 7 setup I had before the system crash. I can add folder by folder, but that seems to be insane, as I have well over 5 Tb of movies etc, over 5 drives. There has to be a more sensible way to add material to the library. I suspect this is the permission/security thing, but I can't be certain.

Is there something I should know about this software that might cause this? I'm particularly frustrated with not being able to access sub-directories that are more than 3-4 levels in, as I was trying to organize my library for easy access. Even when I can get access to a previous source the maximum scan seems to stop at about 3 "deep". This is particularly annoying with music folders, as the "depth" can easily reach 4-5 levels in.

Lastly, when I first set-up my library, there was a lot of "avi" files, and it appears that many of these files, even when accessible are not transcoding to a playable format. I realize certain formats are more compatible than others, but is there something going on here that I am missing? Obviously mp4 files appear to work the best. Should I be converting these files to this format?