Dear support,

To my surprise, I have found out that Mezzmo decides transcoding based on the profile of the controlling device (DMC) instead of the profile of the rendering device (DMR). Can you confirm that this behavior is intentional? Can I alter the logic?

My setup is:

1. The latest version of Mezzmo as digital media server (DMS).
2. Jeremy Pepiot's Smart Player on Windows Phone 10 as digital media controller (DMC).
3. foobar2000 on Windows 10 as digital media renderer (DMR).

I am interested in streaming audio from FLAC coded files. I have set receiving device to use "Kodi" profile, since Kodi supports FLAC just like foobar2000 does.

I have tested "Smart Player", "Microsoft Windows Phone 10" and "BubbleUPnP" as controller profiles. The first two ("Smart Player", "Microsoft Windows Phone 10") causes audio to be transcoded as MP3 while the last one ("BubbleUPnP") let the stream stay in FLAC.

I think that the rendering device (DMR) should be the one that has the last say on the transferred format, not the controller.

I admit that during the mobile age DMC and DMR are likely to be the same device, most of the time.

I am open to any advice wether it be a fix to a configuration or suggestion of other controlling software (if Smart Player is the culprit) or something else.

Kind regards,