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Thread: Disable / Enable devices broken

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    Default Disable / Enable devices broken

    Hi i have just noticed that the disable and enable in the devices are broken this is the same for the beta ver and the latest ver. It used to work but now dose not eg

    when i tried to disable a device when someone was watching a program it did not disable the stream intill the server was stopped and restarted
    i then tried to watch a video after i disabled the device and it also let it through its like its back to the old days when you had to restart the server for the effects to take place what happened it must of been a update or something con you please fix it. Im shore its in the this update that it started happening because it was working fine not so long ago
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    never mind i did a full reinstall and its fixed must of been a bad file not shore what happened and i could not find the del post button so ADMIN you can del this if you wish

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