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Thread: Get Online Metadata Tuning

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    Default Get Online Metadata Tuning

    Is there a way to tune the queries to online sources?

    Daily TV Shows commonly have a naming convention like:


    Mezzmo doesn't match on these and since they are daily shows, it's a lot more time
    consuming manually fixing the entries than with Movies or Weekly TV Shows. In fact, Daily
    TV Shows represent 80%+ of my metadata misses. I'd like to see this use-case fixed/added
    to Mezzmo in a future version.

    In the mean time, is there any way to manipulate the default mezzmo behavior? I'll modify
    configuration files, script a wrapper, manipulate the sqlite db, etc. What mechanism is used
    for Get Online Metadata? Private message me if needed. I just need a clue to save time.

    - XML options like series.xml don't seem like they'll get me anywhere. Maybe, I'm wrong.
    - 3rd Party software like tinyMediaManager was mentioned in a thread, but I don't think
    it's (tinyMediaManager) gonna work for me. Besides, I like Mezzmo. I feel ideologically
    opposed to going outside of Mezzmo. It's close to perfect.

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