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The Roku 7.2 firmware supports setting the resolution and framerate of the video so possibly the Roku player is doing this, it could be forcing a larger or smaller resolution that is having an effect. The Mezzmo app does not set this and leaves it unlimited. https://sdkdocs.roku.com/display/sdk...ampaign=buffer MaxVideoDecodeResolution allows capping the resolution so it is possible that the Roku app is limiting it to 720p.
I know it upsamples all of the 720p stuff, it says so. I was comparing like-for-like on a 1080p movie. It doesn't seem to upsample SD movies, which is fine. I expected that. It's mostly older stuff I have that is SD, so I don't expect much out of those, even if they DID get upsampled....hehehe

I just figured that I would mention it just in case you wanted to look into it while it was still in beta.