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Thread: Bulk change file extension using DB Browser for SQLite?

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    Default Bulk change file extension using DB Browser for SQLite?

    I have well over a thousand video files that I have that I've spent a lot of time curating in Mezzmo.

    Up until 2 years ago, my .mp4 files were getting the extension .m4v (no judging, please). Functionally, no difference except for the extension.

    We have some new TVs in the family that can actually see a usb device with a NTFS file system so it's easy to share files for viewing with Mom & Dad. However they don't acknowledge .m4v files. You can rename them and they work fine. I thought problem solved.

    Unfortunately, after a while I realized that at home when I pull up Mezzmo on the TV, it is not showing me the older .m4v files. The profile that is uses in Media Devices is 'Generic Device (NTSC)'. It doesn't need to transcode any of these files, it can play 4k .mp4 and .mkv files just fine from Mezzmo or a thumb drive. I did notice that when I am browsing Mezzmo on the TV (a Samsung 8 series 4k) I am seeing the file names complete with extensions as opposed to the Title.

    If there is an easy fix to this with a new profile, that would be fine. However, what I would like to do is change all of the .m4v file extensions to .mp4. THAT is the easy part. What I would then need to do is use DB Browser for SQLite to update all of the entries that have .m4v files to have the correct .mp4 extensions. My SQL skills are to the point that if I see a script, I can figure out how it works. Coming up with one from scratch? That's dangerous to the database. I've tried working on a copy of the database and I'm hitting walls. Plus, I have no idea if I'm even looking at all of the fields that I need to.

    Any suggestions?

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    you can use the Maintenance tools in Mezzmo to update the extensions

    The Maintenance tools do a search and replace so if you put the .m4v in the original path field and the .mp4 in the new path then it will change all the .m4v to .mp4 without any need to use sql.

    Display titles are used to show the title of the videos so if you are seeing the filename instead of a nice title then this could mean that Mezzmo has not done a lookup on the file for metadata yet due to the file extension changing, if you change the extensions using Maintenance tools to match the files on disk then the existing metadata should match up and you will get your nice titles.

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