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Thread: Difficulty streaming from PC.

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    Default Difficulty streaming from PC.

    Sorry if this fix has been posted but there are lots of threads to look through.

    I have used Mezzmo without problems for several years but recently found that it didn't appear on my LG Bluray player until I rebooted despite settings running Mezzmo on start-up.

    It got so bad I thought &"^%*! it, I'll remove all connected devices from the Device List and let Mezzmo rediscover them as I switched them on, there were some I couldn't even remember what they were.

    Fingers crossed I haven't had a problem since and Mezzmo is always available.

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    Hi Mike,
    glad to hear you have resolved the problem, it is possible that the setting for the device in the Device list was set to deny access on the General tab in Device Settings. If this is set then the device will get 403 access denied when trying to access the Mezzmo server, deleting the device clears this as all devices are granted access by default when they are discovered.

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