I tried adding a new movie into the folder structure. The title shows up in Mezzmo on the computer, under both the folder location, as well as the playlists 'recently added titles', and 'all movies'. The issue I am running into is this - when I go to either of my two KODI boxes, neither one sees the movie - either in the specific folder, or under either playlists 'recently added titles' nor 'all movies'. I've tried running the RAW MAINTENANCE add-on (Clear Cache, Delete Thumbnails, Purge Packages). I've tried restarting the KODI boxes. I've tried rebooting my computer. I've tried running maintenance a few times. Nothing I do is getting the title to list. I even tried copying the title to a new name, but even that didn't help. I've got about 3100 movie titles in my database. Have I reached a limit??

Here's the really weird part - which I just tested. I made another copy of the movie, and gave it a different title. Moved it into a different folder. The movie then shows up in the KODI box. Ok, so I think, let me take this movie with the renamed title, move it back to the folder it's supposed to be in. Run maintenance again to make sure the database accurately reflects the folder contents. Check KODI and boom, the renamed movie is showing up in the original folder. So now, I rename the file BACK to it's original name, ran maintenance again... and... the title once again disappears from the KODI box.

So, in the end, just to get the movie to be seen by the KODI box, I added an exclamation mark to the beginning of the title... and then it shows up.

I'm at a compete loss to explain what is happening... can you guys?