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Thread: mezzmo should be ashamed

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    Possibly you've have this unique Wheel? Possibly you've spin within the conclusion inside the yard while using the hands brake? Possibly you've put on completely when using the plastic wheels? Have there is a skateboardwith conical wheels, wide trucks along with a kicktail? Possibly you've back pedal into extended brakeslides inside the Schwinn Stingray? Possibly you've produce a ramp in the heart of your street with cinder blocks through getting a vintage plank? Possibly you've pop wheelies?

    We've old too rapidly and smart too progressively. Speaking for your boys I love, we are not because big inside the hurry to develop up--or smarten up.

    After I was 10 or 12 years of age, a grimy little kid maturing within the motorcycle shop, I hung around with--pestered is much more accurate--plenty of guys inside their early twenties. Later, within my teens, I hung around with a lot of guys about 20. After I reaches my twenties, I hung around with a lot of guys about 20. Since i am within my thirties I am still reaching guys about 20--or possibly the very best guys who think they're. 20 years gone, but nevertheless exactly the same age.

    If that is just arrested development ... send the maturity police to cuff us and take us away.

    Almost all my circle elevated on wheels. I would not say i used to be the initial wave, however is a large one--though not what size the following afterwards crashing in, pun fully intended.

    Did we pop wheelies? Hell, we still do--and our once fringe-element has become near-mainstream.

    Skatepark participation is ongoing to build up bigger than Little League enrollment. Stick and ball sports remain commonplace, but have faded within the knowledge of today's youth. Action sports heroes like Dave Mirra and Make the most of Murray are big names, and films are created about skatepunk era legends like Steve Caballero--check listings for "The Lords of Dogtown" or "Dogtown along with Z Boys."

    Icons like Tony Hawk aren't certainly not pushing 40, along with a whole demographic is aging gracefully for your the the the adult years--as gracefully just as one aesthetic according to baggy knee-length shorts and scuffed skate footwear enables.

    What type of begs another question ... Why have most watercraft manufacturers steered upstream--more upscale than upstream, really--while eschewing or completely excluding the youth market?
    Personal watercraft participation could be the upswing, and then we keep the big sales figures derive from big cruisers. We are also suggesting the near dearth of other activities for purchase makes that just as much self-fulfilling conjecture as practical request ongoing growth.

    Action sports have exploded in the last decade. And watercraft manufacturers--generally, makers of playbikes, sportbikes and motocross machines to be used on land--have largely proven up at ignore that development while developing their goods for your water. After they visit me question when the PWC product planners so insistent on "family fun" have kids, or possibly know any.

    Every activity--from fishing to motocross, from tennis to tow-in surfing--requires a feeder zone, an increase of newcomers to thrive. Your own personal concentrate on family fun includes the continuing editorial premise that youngsters are available in any age. The children are okay. The children are us.

    Area of the premise inside the issue's "Best Buys" theme might be a double take at Ocean-Doo's 3D--the initial all-new sport class type PWC to debut inside the extended time--which, ironically, arises from the only real watercraft manufacturer to not produce playbikes or motocross machinery within the once-parallel market.

    The 3D targets the cost point and profile inside the action-sports oriented buyer. Hopefully it hits the goal that some degree of Ocean-Doo success might trigger more threes ... ignore three-seaters, however a Blaster III from Yamaha, maybe an X-3 from Kawasaki. Likely? Hardly. Not while next year's projections originate from last year's sales, which reflect mostly big cruisers--and why wouldn't they? What else maybe there's to purchase? Could be the five big skateboard industry advise an operating and untapped market segment growing?

    One attractive alternative for your athletically inclined (or financially challenged) should be to select a used machine. Harry Klemm at Group K enables us to champion the thought of second-hands watercraft that attract the type of kid who elevated within the skateboard, or perhaps wakeboard, or perhaps snowboard.

    For your record, the Stingray could be a before time. For every motorcycle, I'd a Yamaha Moto-Bike--no under until Father finally got frustrated with welding the frame together . After he pitched it, we went motorcycle riding. Which was better--because we went riding together.

    You may be the standard rider symbolized by manufacturer spreadsheet: affluent if aging, youthful within your ideas while not of wallet. But you may have a true online entrepreneur who is not--a boy or sister, a daughter ... or maybe a much more youthful friend from work or perhaps the region, a potential rider who shares your want watercraft otherwise your height of discretionary earnings.

    Buy that child another hands stand-up. Strengthen your brand-new neighbor pick a used runabout worth refurbishment. Bring a totally new person for the party. How To Ride A Your Skateboard Faster And Better Do Tricks Easily

    Fan the flames appealing, and feed the hubris of youth--even when it is your personal. That'd become real finest score for individuals individuals who love personal watercraft ... and wheelies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lamsung View Post
    Iam here have been very upset with Mezzmo

    your latest version is almost a year old,
    are you not ashamed to your self ?????
    you mezzmo are paid version of media server but the development progress ares slow like hell
    and each of request / opinion from user not event take to the table and take it as improvement

    mezzmo are still FAR FAR FAR from good.

    keep up your lazy work , and keep sell as discount price
    Just what exactly do you expect them to do when there have been no actual advancements in DLNA streaming technology?? Make changes and updates just to make them??

    Are there things that they could be fixing? Yes. And they are working on it.

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    version was released in January! so the current version is only about 7 months old and we have a beta of version which is about to be released in the middle of August.

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftanner View Post
    Just what exactly do you expect them to do when there have been no actual advancements in DLNA streaming technology?? Make changes and updates just to make them??

    Are there things that they could be fixing? Yes. And they are working on it.
    True ftanner, i have ben a user for a few years and on the rare time I have a problem the support team are back in touch in hours with a solution that always resolves the problem. Compare that to any other service (including PAID FOR support) and I think lamsung will find that the conceiva team is exceptionally good.
    Keep up the good work guys and dont let the haters bring you down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamsung View Post
    mezzmo are still FAR FAR FAR from good.
    On the contrary, I think that Mezzmo is a great product - plus I've had excellent service from Conceiva. I reported a minor issue which was resolved within a couple of days.

    I call troll...

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    I agree , support by Conceiva is amongst the best in my view.

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    I use the paid versions of Mezzmo, serviio and plex.. Plex releases nearly one update per month BUT: They are not interested in the uservoice at all! The Serviio developers are massive overwhelmed.. Only the conceiva team makes very good work regarding support and uservoice!

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