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Thread: Mezzmo Media Player is jittery and glitchy on Amazon FireTV & FireTV Stick

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    Discovered something interesting this morning while I was messing with some lower bitrate HEVC/h265 encoded files. Until now, I was using Vimu Media Player to playback an BD Rips and the Mezzmo Media Player for everything else (other than the stuttering issue, everything is better about the Mezzmo Media Player). I tried playing back one of the h265 encoded files with the Mezzmo player and it was choppy and stuttery like the BD rips have been. While flipping between files I accidentally played back the same file with Vimu and it played smoothly. On a hunch, I disabled the Hardware encoder and VOILA, playback looked exactly like it does on the FireTV. I played back the same file with the Mezzmo Player, flipping between having the HW and SW decoders active and the picture jitters the same either way.

    Is there a chance this is an issue where the CPU in the FireTV stick is not capable of playing back high bitrate and HEVC files and the Mezzmo Media Player is not actually using the HW decoder even though it is set to do so?
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