As last builds of FFMPEG are enabling the use of Nvidia and ATI built-in H264/H265 encoders, it would be great to have it in future releases. For people having an old computer (like I have...) it allows the on-the-fly transcoding of H264. Few months ago I have tried it by updating FFMPEG to last Zeranoe built and by adding -nvenc parameters (I have a GT710 so not really something recent ) in the ffmpegadditionnal.prf file and it was working great (8x faster) and even allow to use the computer for something else during the streaming. But recently I had to reinstall my whole system and I lost these settings and current ffmpeg built (3.3) is no longer working (I didn't succeed in retrieving the one I used).
Anyway if it could be integrated in a future release it would allow the use of high res on the fly transcoding for more configurations.

Best Regards