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    I like Mezzmo (right now I am using the free version, and am thinking about buying the full version, but I keep having problems with DLNA to my Onkyo TX-NR717 network receiver. It wouldn't stream WAV files at all at first, but then the forum told me to edit the Onkyo profile in a minor way (changing "mimetype/wave" to "mimetype/wav"), and that allowed me to finally stream all of my WAV files (never had a problem with mp3 or FLAC). But I cannot PAUSE/REW/FF using my remote when I stream to the Onkyo. Mp3 and FLAC and hi-res files stream fine and all playback controls are available, but when I stream WAV files, which I always do for personal listening because I have all of my music ripped to both WAV files and mp3 files and like to listen to the higher quality version, I cannot use any controls but STOP or TRACK FORWARD/TRACK BACK. These controls work fine on any other DLNA software on all files - WMP12, KooRaRoo Media, etc. - but not with Mezzmo, and I prefer Mezzmo over the others for a lot of reasons, but not having these controls available Is very frustrating when the only way to pause a track is to stop it completely and start over (strangely enough, Foobar200 also has this same maddening problem).
    Anyone have any advice on how to fix this, maybe even an edit to the Onkyo profile? As I have stated, it is not a problem with the Onkyo and the PAUSE/REW/FF controls work fine for mp3, FLAC and other file types. I would really appreciate some help and advice. Thank you.

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    It is possibly a problem with the headers being sent when streaming the files, in the device profile you will find contentlength="1" which governs how the headers are sent. Try changing this to contentlength="5" then save the file and restart your Mezzmo media server and try playing a wav file on the Onkyo receiver to see if the controls work. You can try values from 0 to 5, each does slightly different behaviour so if 5 does not work you can try 0, 2, 3 and 4.

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